No Longer a Brunch Virgin!

It finally happened. I finally went to brunch!

Brunch is huge in New York City. I’m not really sure why, because how normal is it to eat breakfast at 2 PM on a Saturday, but hey, that’s New York for you!

Anyway, this morning/afternoon my friends and I headed to Harry’s Italian, which is a big brunch spot in Lower Manhattan. It was quiet at noon when we arrived, and we were seated right away.

Harry’s does this really awesome, one-price brunch. For what eventually totals to approximately $26 a person with tax/tip, you get a substantially sized entree and bottomless coffee, tea, Bloody Marys or mimosas. We chose the mimosas, of course.

I ordered “Eggs in a Saddle”, which is basically two over-easy eggs on top of very thin filet mignon. It was pretty good and was filling, but to be honest my friend got an egg, cheese and pancetta Panini, and hers looked better. So basically, that’s what I’m getting next time.

When they say bottomless mimosas, they really aren’t kidding. If your glass appears to be filled any less than to the very top, someone will come and pour you more immediately. It also makes for a really fun game of seeing whether or not you can get to the bottom of your glass before it gets refilled. And on top of all of that, the mimosas are really freaking good.

Someone came by and refilled our mimosas seconds after this was taken...
Someone came by and refilled our mimosas seconds after this was taken…

Overall consensus: Big fan of brunch. Will most definitely be back to give Harry’s another try!

Harry’s Italian

2 Gold Street
New York, NY 10038

225 Murray Street
New York, NY 10282

Rockefeller Plaza- Concourse Level
New York, NY 10282


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