Late to the Party @ Social Media Week

Apparently it’s Social Media Week in NYC?

Actually, by the time this goes up, it will be over, so allow me to correct that statement: Apparently, this past week was Social Media Week in New York City. And I found this out on Friday afternoon at approximately 4 PM.

Not like I could afford the $400 student pass to all of the events, but I don’t know, maybe I would’ve tried to pull some strings somewhere or something. I actually think social media is super cool, and it’s so interesting how it affects the way consumers think of brand. Our world is so connected. It makes it easier for brands to connect personally with their consumers, and hard for them to conceal their mistakes. It takes marketing and customer service to a totally new level.

A classmate of mine even went to a panel on cult branding (How freaking cool is that?!) and the VP of Marketing for SoulCycle was on it, so there’s that too.

Case in point, I’m super bummed I missed it.

Just before leaving work on Friday afternoon, I decided to check to see if there were any last-minute events going on before Social Media Week moved on to another city. It turns out there were two closing events on Friday night! The first was to be held at Highline Ballroom, and was for event pass-holders only (See the fourth sentence of this post… Yeah, no.). The other was open to the public, free, and seemed smaller. It took place at Mister H, inside The Mondrian Hotel in Soho, and was a “last hurrah” panel on the impact of social media in travel. Literally perfect.

I brought Monica along with me (You might’ve met her here) to the super cool space on Crosby St. After inadvertently walking through the hotel to the completely wrong entrance, we went into Mister H just in time for the panel.

Hard to see, but we are getting better at actually taking pictures!

11026665_10205378118124970_2006939354_n 11042162_10205378120085019_532337772_n

The panel was sponsored by [wherever] magazine and Travel + SocialGood. It was moderated by Mary von Aue, who is a contributor to [wherever] magazine, and featured Shirine Saad, Mark Lakin and Kelley Louise. Shirine is a lifestyle writer, Kelley is a travel blogger, and Mark is a tour operator and photographer. Shirine was the most traditional of all three, while Kelley and Mark were a little more receptive to modern travel and social media practices. They were asked about everything from “voluntourism” to the impact of Instagram on travel destinations (How awesome is this? Who even thinks of this stuff?!). Because they come from three different realms in terms of job function and social media presence, they each had a different take on every question, and it was so interesting to hear their perspectives.


After the panel, the space remained closed to outside guests, and everyone was able to mingle and network. Though Monica and I didn’t quite network, we talked travel, met some quirky people and had a few good laughs.

It was an absolutely fabulous, unexpected night!


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