Crepe Date

Sorry for dropping off the face of the world guys! The end of the semester is insane, and I got a little bit sick, but I’m back and will try not to disappear again!

In celebration of making it through this week and recovering from a cold that took me out for three days, I reunited with Nora (who you met here) and Katie (who you met here) for a long-overdue dinner date. We used to be roommates, but we’ve gotten so busy that we barely see each other anymore. We were pretty excited to catch each other up over crepes at Crepes Du Nord.

Nora and I actually found this place one evening when we wandering around in the Financial District, and were immediately drawn in by the way it smells and the chefs making the crepes in the window. It smells even more amazing inside. Bonus: They also had on an epic playlist of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Gavin DeGraw. Every five minutes I interrupted our conversation to announce how much I loved whatever the song changed to.

We all went for one savory and one sweet crepe (because that almost kind of equates to dinner and dessert, right?). I had one with Chicken, Gruyere, and Spinach, as did Nora, and Katie went for one with prosciutto. Nothing was too heavy or filling, leaving room for dessert. Nora went traditional and ordered a Lemon and Sugar crepe (something I had for the very first time in Paris) while Katie and I held nothing back and both went for a S’mores crepe. It’s actually perfection, and doesn’t crumble or melt like you think it’s going to. I cannot remember the last time I had a s’more… Too long, apparently (I also read somewhere that marshmallow is good for sore throats. Not sure how much validity there is to this, but I still justified ordering one by saying it was for my health, obviously…).

And dessert!

Though my lingering cough and sniffling deterred us from doing much else, both of these lovely ladies have some seriously awesome things happening in the coming weeks, and it was great to be caught up over great food. I love getting to see my friends do all of these amazing things!


Crepes Du Nord

7 S. William St

New York, NY 10004


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