My little sister, a makeup fanatic, turned sixteen last spring, and I wanted to do something special with her that none of her friends would get to do.

Weeks later, I stumbled upon IMATS, short for the International Makeup Artists Trade Show. This trade show travels the globe every year and stops in approximately 6 or 7 major cities worldwide. Originally, this show was available to licensed makeup artists only, so they can purchase mass quantities of beauty supplies at a discounted rate. Now, most of the show and all of the discounts are open to the general public, with very few things still limited to the professionals.

I’m not a huge makeup girl (meaning I’m usually OK with some concealer and mascara and calling it a day) but this event with hundreds of makeup brands for sale was pretty cool. Simply put, my sister and I just ran around Pier 94 for an entire day squealing with excitement and buying everything in sight.

This past weekend, this massive traveling makeup store visited NYC again, so naturally my sister and I have turned this event into tradition. We even brought one of her best friends along with us.

It was a little crowded for the last day of the show and lines were long, but we had a ton of fun! It’s chaotic, exciting, and perhaps even a little bizarre. It’s a great place to unleash your inner glamazon and people watch, too.

Pictures below!

*FAIR WARNING: IMATS has implemented a new age restriction. Guests under the age of 17 are not admitted into the show. Huge shout-out to the incredible team at Eye Kandy Cosmetics for helping me sort out a near-disaster Sunday morning! Our day at IMATS was fabulous all because of you!

Body painting at the Makeup Forever Academy booth
Show floor
We found a booth with great selfie lighting…
Did damage 😉


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