18,000 Year Old Soul

I never go to concerts.

This is for multiple reasons, really- foremost because I don’t think I had a definitive music taste until like, last year, but also because they rarely ever work with my schedule (i.e. The Kooks and Atlas Genius playing Summer Stage in June, and of course I’ll be in another state, but I digress…)

One of my favorite bands, Walk The Moon, played Terminal 5 in New York this past week. By some miracle, both Monica and I were able to go, and tickets weren’t astronomically priced. We bought the tickets as soon as possible, and have been counting down ever since.

On pretty much the most beautiful day ever, we arrived to Terminal 5 far too early, and sat outside on line with all of the die-hard teenage fans who had been there for hours. We also failed to remember that Walk the Moon fans paint their faces, as per the band’s Peter Pan and Lost Boys-esque video for their first hit and my personal favorite song “Anna Sun”. As a result, we made friends with a group next to us, and they let us borrow their paint.


By another miracle, we also ended up in front, next to an adorable young girl and her father, who we dubbed “Dad of the Year” for happily dancing along and dealing with the volume of the music.

The Griswolds, who we’re almost positive we’ve seen before when we saw Bastille, kicked off the show. Monica and I were mostly consumed with the attractive keyboardist who was standing closest to us, but they were definitely a great opener.


About an hour later, Walk the Moon came on, and played all of our favorites, starting with “Different Colors”, bringing out “Tightrope”, “Portugal” and “Avalanche”, finishing with “Shut Up and Dance”,  and doing an encore with “Anna Sun” (I actually waited all night just for them to do this song). I have to admit, I’ve never been to a General Admission concert before, and though I stand by the fact that I’m too awkward to look cool bobbing along to the music, I had so much fun dancing and singing along regardless (There is an incredibly embarrassing video that lives on either Monica’s or my phone of us screaming along to Shut Up and Dance, completely off-beat and completely off-key.)

I wish they were playing another night in New York, because I honestly would’ve gone again. The guys of Walk The Moon are so fabulously weird and they totally embrace it. They are coming back in September when I’m back at school again, so who knows, maybe we’ll make it a thing…



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