New Addiction

So, I started drinking coffee.

This may have been a really bad decision or a really good decision, but I’m not sure yet (Will get back to you on that!). Regardless, my sister is thrilled to pieces, because now we get to have real coffee dates when I’m home, as opposed to her getting coffee and me ending up with some over-sweetened iced tea or a Slurpee…

I’m only home for a bit before literally and figuratively taking off for the summer, so today we had a sister date at Crazy Beans, a place that everyone in my hometown swears by. The cute retro-themed restaurant is surprisingly small, decked out in red, white and black, with funny signs about food hanging all over the walls and place-mats on every table that don’t match.


My sister and I sat at the “bar”, with her place-mat Avenger –themed and mine with lists of major cities (So fitting!). We were instantly introduced to Crazy Beans’ menu, which comes complete with every flavor latte you could ever want, and a fabulous Steve Jobs quote on the front (Excuse me while I completely geek out, sorry I’m not sorry ‘bout it…).


I then continued to lose my mind, this time over a cupcake-flavored iced latte, which everyone needs in their life all of the time.

Cupcake iced latte, and my sister’s Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate iced latte

We also ordered a snack, choosing to split the smoked Gouda, green apple, and bacon grilled cheese. It was the most flawless grilled cheese I’ve ever gotten my hands on, and that’s saying a lot, because I live across the street from a Melt Shop in New York City. My sister and I stopped every few bites to nod in solidarity that there were very few sandwiches that would ever top the one we were devouring.

There was another half, but my sister got a hold of it before I could snap a picture…

Stop by, take pictures, catch up with a friend (or your sister!), and order one of those grilled cheeses (I swear on my cupcake iced latte that you will not regret it). As if my new coffee addiction wasn’t enough, now my sister and I have established that we have to try all of everything on Crazy Beans’ menu… Oops?

 Crazy Beans

97 A Main St

Stony Brook, NY 11790




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