Hey There, ATX

I’ve been a resident of Austin, TX for almost a week now, so I’m declaring this Austin Update #1!

The weather is a complete 180 from rainy Stockholm, and although the humidity and my curly hair aren’t quite friends, very few complaints about the sunshine from this end.

Work has started as well, and I’ve tossed headfirst into a whole bunch of cool stuff… including our weekly intern events, which this week involves something called the Panic Room (Whether that means I should actually be panicking, I’ll have to let you know…)

I haven’t had much time for exploring just yet, but hopefully I will in the coming weekends. I have to admit, it’s tough to blindly move to a state where you don’t know anyone. I’ve always talked about doing it, but in reality, it’s a touch lonely. Thankfully, I’ve made some new friends at my job who have offered to show me around, and I’m really looking forward to it.

More to come! Got suggestions for things to do and see? Send them my way: thegeekytravelerblog@gmail.com

Waller Creek

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