If Anyone Needs Me…

…You can find me at Spider House Cafe for the next 3 months, OK bye.


My quest for a fun spot to (unsuccessfully) finish my travel course paper resulted in a visit to Spider House Cafe. It was recommended to me by the UT (University of Texas at Austin) students I work with at my internship, and it was the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I don’t really have a better describing word for it besides Austin-y. It has a personality all its own, and eclectic customers to match. Hands down, the best place to order an iced coffee (and/or a Caesar Salad, which was also on point!), sit under the Christmas-lit trees, blast something through your headphones, and people watch.

There is a full lineup of events and performances set for the summer at both the cafe and their sister venue, Spider House Ballroom. I’m sure I’m the last person to discover how awesome this spot is, but now that I have, I’m hooked (University of Texas Longhorn reference? No? OK, I’ll get there…)!

Spider House Cafe

2906 Fruth St

Austin, TX 78705



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