Am Actually My Father’s Daughter

In case you were curious as to where I get the foodie thing from, it is undoubtedly, unquestionably, 100% from my dad.

My parents and sister came to ATX for the weekend to visit, help me clean my apartment, make something out of all the random ingredients I have that are about to go bad, and probably to keep me from just deciding I want to hop on a plane to somewhere else for the weekend, like I did last weekend. And, with my dad in charge of plans, we spent the remainder of our time eating.

It started on Friday evening, at a swanky place in Downtown Austin called La Condesa (I suppose I am allowing ATX to break me of my slight vendetta against Mexican food…). Perhaps I was just sold on the fact that they were tapas-style plates, so I could take one of everything without having to really commit. It started with a bowl of queso flameado so thick that you had to cut it before putting it on a tortilla chip (or just shamelessly shoveling it into your mouth). We then moved on to steak and manchego taquitos. You guys: steak and fried cheese. But like really good fried cheese. Manchego is really strong and often potent cheese, but if you’re into that sort of thing, it was so much fun to eat that you probably didn’t even need the steak there. My parents also gave solid praise for the remainder of our dishes, which included pulled pork, tuna, and a spicy chocolate cake with banana ice cream.

Chile-Chocolate Cake with Banana Ice-Cream

We were at it again the next morning, less than 12 hours later, with breakfast at South Congress Café (We all should be 533,806 pounds, I know…). We decided to split their famous carrot cake French toast and Denver omelet. The fresh toast is basically cake, complete with an apply-it-yourself brown-sugar icing. The Denver omelet was good, but my sister and I preferred the cake, and consequently, didn’t have to eat lunch later that day either…


And this morning, just before they left, we had to make a stop at Gourdough’s, because if you’re going to come all the way to Austin, you pretty much have to. We feasted on a Sin-a-bomb, a Miss Shortcake, a Flying Pig, and a Naughty & Nice, until we finished every last drop of their cream cheese icing. Their donuts are killer, figuratively and potentially literally, but so worth it.

Clockwise from the top left: Naughty & Nice, Flying Pig, Miss Shortcake, and the Sin-a-bomb

Having to say goodbye to my family/the only three other people willing to spend an entire weekend only concerned with food sort of sucked, but we all got to check a few places off our food bucket lists. My dad has already replaced those with a few new places to be tested upon my return to New York…


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