Whaddup, Let’s SUP

A weekend where I’m 4-6 hours from the nearest beach? No bueno (I’m from an island, this is the longest I’ve been without access to actual body of water…). But a weekend that I get to go paddle boarding? That is a Saturday afternoon I can get behind!

In my quest to check everything off my Austin Bucket List before going back home, today I finally got to go stand-up paddle boarding, or supping for short. I’m really not sure whether I feel super cool or completely ridiculous using the term “supping”, but anyway…

I’ve paddle boarded once before in Florida with my family, held my own for someone who is generally uncoordinated and unathletic, and absolutely loved it. Today, one of my friends from my internship (who also happens to be an exceedingly cool native Austinite) drove down to EpicSUP to paddle board on Lady Bird Lake.

In typical Austin fashion, you just kind of show up to a little dock, drop everything, pray no one touches your stuff, and get out on the water. It was so refreshing to hear the little current slap up against the bottom of my paddle board. We paddled, took a break to tan and float, struggled to turn ourselves around, dealt with me idiotically getting sunscreen in my eyes, got exhausted battling the current, and soaked up the sun.

And, dare I say it, we might’ve even looked good doing it. 🙂



2200 S Lakeshore Blvd

Austin, TX 78741



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