Falling In Love

… With yet another city where the weather sucks about 75% percent of the time and the people have some degree of a bad attitude, but are we really surprised?

My friend and I declared it a mini-vacation, left our laptops in our rooms, and traded NYC for Boston for the weekend. We kicked it off with two (exceedingly awesome) seats to Ed Sheeran’s first and only US stadium show at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Friday night (things we’ve been counting down to since literally June…). He is nothing short of incredible live; it’s just him, a loop pedal, and his guitar. To top it off, it was my first night ever in a stadium, and the very first time I’ve ever seen a crowd of just iPhone flashlights light up an area with 50,000 people in it, as if someone had turned the stadium lights on. The night was breathtaking, and for the girl who’s always thinking about her next trip, there was nowhere else I would’ve rather been at that very moment. It was the kind of show that leaves you saying, “Give me five or ten minutes collect my jaw off the floor, and regain my cool, if that’s at all possible” (It’s not. I had no composure for most of the show and most of the evening afterwards, he’s THAT GOOD).

IMG_2300IMG_2343And when we woke up the next morning and had finished recapping the night 700 times, we headed off to spend the afternoon in Boston. Boston was adorable. Having only ever really been once before at about age 11 (I don’t think this summer counts…), this was a treat. A purely walking city, I set one foot down on the cobblestone street and knew Boston was much more my speed than many places I’ve been recently. I fell hard and fast for the stately buildings, the harbor, the history, the flawless weather, their new Primark, and the extensive use of the word “wicked” to describe everything but the Broadway show. I know the perfect autumn breeze doesn’t last forever, but I feel like the New York-meets-London-meets-Copenhagen vibe might. Someone had basically taken all my favorite parts of some of the world’s best cities and stuck them all together, leaving me wishing I had more time to explore (as always…).

Boston Harbor

I’m aware that most of my posts about cities are more like love letters than anything else, but nevertheless, it felt good to be back on better (less total and complete meltdown?) terms. I’m already planning another visit to really get my hands on everything. Who knows, Boston could be my next big move…


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