I Might’ve Cried

I might’ve cried over this cocktail, but before you jump to any conclusions, feast your eyes upon it and allow me to further explain:


Someone told me about Mulberry Project when I was 17 years old and had just moved to New York City. I then became obsessed with it because in my brain it epitomized New York coolness like no other bar could, and then I waited my entire college career to be old enough to go. On Saturday night, I got to cross it off my New York City Bucket List (Which doesn’t actually exist in physical form, might I add, but if it did, Mulberry Project would’ve been at the top…)

An “underground” mixology bar and restaurant, Mulberry Project is identifiable solely by its bright red door with a red light hanging over it. Open the door and you’re greeted by a lively crowd and a fantastic playlist (Saturday’s consisted mostly of the Arctic Monkeys and The Killers).

Cocktails are pricey. However, nothing beats getting to tell one of the bartenders something to the effect of “I like tequila, things that are really sour, and none of that weird jalapeno stuff that makes my drink burn in the back of my throat. Otherwise, have at it.”


The result was the pretty orange/yellow drink- tequila, clementine, ginger, and an egg white. It was frothy and sour and fun. I almost wanted to challenge the bartender for another concoction.

And there’s snacks to boot. My friends and I did tapas-style (This is a trend with me, by the way, if you haven’t yet noticed. Food is more fun shared, anyway!) and ordered the Mulberry Fries, the Whipped Ricotta, and the Apple Salad. The salad was light and lovely. Thumbs down on the whipped ricotta- we thought it was a dip, and were disappointed when it was actually a very overpowering spread.


I could, however, do an entire post just on those fries. They’re seasoned fries, which already makes them awesome, but then they are dusted with a powdered vinegar and something else, making them basically irresistible. We ordered two plates of them. All of the people in the bar judged us. We inhaled them with a deliberate disregard for all table manners.

There’s only one dessert item on the menu, but they’re irresistible too. You may now commence drooling over the doughnuts-that-tasted-like-churros-and-had-a-salted-caramel-dipping-sauce-that-we-basically-publicly-drank.


Case in point, all of it was so, so worth the four-year wait.


Mulberry Project

149 Mulberry St

New York, NY 10013



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