(Full disclosure: I googled “Juice Jokes” for about 20 minutes before starting this post.)

I have a pressed juice problem. It’s as bad, if not worse, than my coffee shop problem.

I know it’s really hipster, and that some of them aren’t all that healthy for you anyway, and that they don’t substitute for an actual meal (OK, neither does coffee, but hey, we absolutely all do that thing where we down a coffee on the run instead of real food). But to be fair, I genuinely enjoy trying different types of pressed juice, and not just because someone declared it trendy.

Enter Joe & The Juice, a juice shop I stumbled upon in Copenhagen Airport. I was fighting off a mild cold from the chilly Scandinavian weather, and went in searching for anything that was going to guarantee that my cold wasn’t going to get worse. I purchased an Immunity, which consists of red grapefruit, passion fruit, and apple. It was sticky and sweet and exactly what I needed before a rather choppy flight to Stockholm.

When a sign went up that Joe & The Juice was opening its first USA location in Soho, my favorite New York City neighborhood, I just about died. I then proceeded to scream and fangirl every time I walked by the sign (Very normal, obviously…).

It’s now open, and the vibe is incredible: coffee shop clientele with a gym-rat kind of menu, attractive people behind the counter, and pretty solid playlist played at a pretty solid volume. It’s unlike any juice place I’ve ever been in before.

The menu gets pretty earthy, but by some sorcery, very little of it actually tastes as nauseatingly green as it sounds. I went with a Joe’s Green Mile on my first (of what is soon to be many) NYC visits, which contains avocado, broccoli, apple, spinach, and lemon. I hate avocado and dared myself to try it. It’s the prettiest green color and it tastes like lemonade. I’m convinced it’s magic.


Their coffees, which I’ve yet to try, are ordered by color as opposed to size, which is just about the cutest idea ever. No, the “pink latte” isn’t actually pink, which in all honesty is mildly disappointing, but it is the biggest size and the prettiest cup.

The only catch is that the cool vibe, color-coded coffee, and magic healthy juice is not at all cheap. But, if you crammed that many vegetables into something I actually want to drink, I’m still pretty much all about it.

Staying in Joe & The Juice forever, OK cool, bye.

Joe & The Juice

67 Spring St

New York, NY 10012


Search tool for all other international locations: https://www.joejuice.com/stores/




  1. Thank you for the kind words! You can stay as long as you want 😉 Also, remember to try our coffee. Its made from 100% sustainable and organic beans.

    Have an amazing weekend!

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  2. Found you in the GirlvsGlobe group:) I have a mean coffee shop problem as well. Like it’s real bad. But so good. Switching to a juice problem or at least splitting my coffee problem amongst the two delicious beverages would probably be a good idea. A couple weeks ago I did a post on money equivalents…like if I stopped buying as many lattes as I do, in one year I would have saved enough for a month of living in Thailand. Oooooops 😉

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