Foodie Fam

I come home for hugs, doctors’ appointments, and good food.

My family is down to eat anything, anywhere, at any time, and I absolutely love it. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you first were introduced to my parents and their collective great taste in restaurants when I lived in Austin (the pun was completely intended) and even on Long Island, they absolutely never disappoint.

My parents chose Honu Kitchen & Cocktails for a Saturday night dinner. It was formerly a Hawaiian-esque restaurant called Blue Honu. They’ve stepped up their game and have a much more Manhattan vibe, despite the crowd still being pretty Long Island. They have also stepped up their playlist: all Classic Rock, all night long (so you can just Carpool Karaoke it out Elton John-style, with a smattering of Hall & Oates, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, and other greats).

Everyone waltzes around with one of Honu’s Coconut Martinis in hand. I actually chose a Winter Antioxidant, which was more of a berry situation. At first sip, it’s got some bite and may remind you faintly of Robitussin. Don’t let that discourage you: the longer you sip, the sweeter and better it gets.

Clockwise from the top: Dad’s Coconut Martini, my Winter Antioxidant, and Mom’s Chardonnay because she felt left out 😛

For my sister and I, the best part of any meal is when the waiter confirms that they are, in fact, going to put a bread basket on the table. We really, really, really like bread. At Honu, they bring you an ENTIRE baguette, still in wrapped up in paper. You’re supposed to make a mess all over your table, just-casually-snacking-on-a-baguette-while-I-meander-along-the-Champs-Elysées style, and with an olive oil-garlic butter mixture to go with it.

When there’s Peking Duck on the menu, you just don’t say no to it. My dad and I unevenly shared the dish as an appetizer, meaning he let me eat 2/3 little pancakes because I liked it so much (Also because he’s the best…). Duck is an acquired texture, as is hoisin sauce. Honu has this dish down, and if you’ve never done duck before, Honu is certainly the place to start.

*ignores salad and descends upon incredible duck*

For dinner, I chose Shrimp & Scallop risotto. What made it a winner for me was the scallops. The scallops in my already-amazing risotto were not at all squishy or slippery. They added an extra salty kick to the dish, too.


As far as dessert: do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200, skip everything else and go straight to the Irish Coffee Creme Brûlée, I ate most of that, too, but not because anyone politely let me, but because I just kind of did. I’m going to dream about it in all its Bailey’s-infused splendor until I get more.


And that, my friends, is how a Saturday night should be spent.

Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

363 New York Ave

Huntington, NY 11743



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