Healthy Heaven

So for the remainder of my D.C. weekend, my cousin and I tried keep ourselves under control. Health food is one of my favorites, so I was totally not opposed when my cousin told me there was local health food café I needed to try before heading back home.

I expected a really tiny place with the usual suspects on the menu: smoothies, salads, and weird substitutes for meat. I was completely wrong. True Food Kitchen is located in what is known as the Mosaic District, an up-and-coming recreation area in VA.  It’s a massive restaurant with huge windows, ample seating, and a super expansive menu. Totally floored is an understatement.

From pressed juice cocktails to sweet smoothies, I had so much trouble picking a drink that I sent the wait staff away from our table upwards of three times because I couldn’t make up my mind. I shied away from the matcha, a sister to green tea, because if you ask me, I honestly think it tastes like dirt. Many of my cousins, however, could drink it all day (To each his/her own…).  I got a Rise & Shine smoothie. It was a much prettier, much more delicious combination of sea buckthorn, coconut milk, honey, pear, carrot and ginger. Though I didn’t really know what buckthorn was, my smoothie tasted mostly like a creamsicle and I don’t think anything will ever sufficiently match it.


It just got more epic from there. My healthy, amazing-looking spin on lasagna came in a skillet, while my cousin munched on vegetarian miso lettuce wraps (which I tried and found to be surprisingly awesome, by the way). The only thing different about my lasagna from the average lasagna was that the pasta was spinach noodles, and True Food uses ground turkey instead of red meat. You also don’t feel like you might explode after eating it. Otherwise, it was just as good, if not better, than any regular lasagna I’ve ever eaten. Most menu items function in the same manner. Though some get pretty vegetarian-y and a little exotic, most items simply swap out an unhealthy ingredient or two and replace it with something less awful for you (Never fear, meat-eaters and gluten-lovers, not everything on the menu lacks protein and carbs!). Win, win, win all around.


True Food has even revolutionized dessert. My cousin insisted that we had to get the flourless chocolate cake, which was a stellar choice. I’m pretty sure it’s made with just almond butter and cocoa. It also comes bathed in caramel sauce with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream (both of which happen to be entirely gluten-free and vegetarian…). Like, what? My mind was just blown, and my taste buds are thrilled to pieces. Can I live here?

My cousin waiting so patiently for me to finish taking pictures…

True Food has tons of United States locations, listed here. They’re also opening a whole bunch of new locations in the next few months, including one in my home state.

My body is so ready.

True Food Kitchen
Mosaic District
2910 District Ave #170 Mosaic District
Fairfax, VA 22031



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