I’m not sure when ice cream became so trendy, but I don’t hate it.

New York City has become a hub for fancy ice cream parlors, including the ever-popular rolled ice cream, the rise of the bubble waffle (or egg waffle), and now a make-your-own at the table sort of situation. My thing is really that I probably don’t need to add to the already excessive amount of food pictures I have on my Instagram, so I’m more concerned about the way it tastes- which is why my ice cream parlor of choice is Oddfellows.

The flagship location is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, making it the obvious post-dinner stop (I dragged a friend along after dinner at Surf Bar…). They have a menu of 14 rotating flavors of ice cream and sorbet, along with the classics such as floats and sundaes, and a whole arsenal of other alcoholic treats and whimsical snacks.

They are happy to let you try whatever you’d like before making your choice. Concoctions such as Miso Cherry, Chorizo Caramel SwirlRaspberry Pink Peppercorn sorbet and Prosciutto Melon actually exist. On my last visit, we came just a few minutes before they were about to close, leaving little time to try everything, resulting in the Coffee Crunch ice cream cone of my dreams (Even their “good old standby” flavors are delectable!). Seriously, it’s been real hard to top my Oddfellows visit, even with just my simple one-scoop cone. Where else can you basically feel like you’re eating the best version of your morning cup of coffee?


Another Manhattan alternative, in case BK isn’t your speed: Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. There’s less seating and less flavors to choose from, but the first flavor on the menu, Salted Caramel Pretzel, should quickly compensate for all of that.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

175 Kent Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11249


More fun to be had on Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddfellowsNYC



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