Bakery Dreams

The iced coffee was so on point I thought I dreamt it.

Just steps beyond the wrought-iron gates of Providence College exists the most delectable hidden gem: LaSalle Bakery. It’s far from a cute coffee shop. It looks like the town bakery down the road from my childhood home, except all of their cakes are painted with Patriots colors instead of the New York Jets or the New York Giants. It’s bustling with students almost all of the time, and I’m told they’ve got a wildly different radio station on every day. Almost everyone, even the kids behind the counter, are in sweats. Ask any Providence grad and they’ll tell you it’s a rite of passage to go there, and then they’ll tell you it becomes a weekly (if not daily) ritual.


They’ve got an Iced Coffee flavor menu long enough to give Dunkin’ Donuts a run for their money. I always ask someone behind the counter what their favorite thing to get is, although apparently since a cute guy was helping me it comes off as flirting (Whoops?). Regardless, he said Vanilla Almond, which secretly was the flavor I was leaning towards anyway, and man was he right (Always ask for recommendations from someone assisting customers, they’re the experts on what’s good!).


The egg & cheese sandwich I chose was outstanding for genuinely no reason at all, like my coffee. It was all just good. And honestly, I think that’s the magic of it. Without having to do much work, you’ve eaten magnificent food and have been welcomed to the community. It’s easy to see why students and locals alike frequent LaSalle.

I myself even made a double visit for the full effect. 😉

Coffee so nice, my friends & I went twice!

LaSalle Bakery

993 Smith St.

Providence, RI


685 Admiral St.

Providence, RI


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