Rhode Island Gems

New England in the fall. Ask anyone who’s lived there, and they’ll probably tell you that’s what they love most about the area (or they’ll tell you it’s the only thing they love about the area, but that’s beside the point..).


Providence is not your average city; there are no Starbucks on every corner to pee in if the need arises. That’s one of the top things I adore about it. There are few cities in this world in which commercialization does not reign supreme. Instead, my friend and I spent the weekend exploring, eating, and stomping through the leaves.

My friend took me to Wickenden Street for a day. Wickenden is more of a small-town shopping street than a big city avenue, but it is home to a spot for afternoon tea, a place that does pancakes at all hours, and a three-floor thrift store. See why it’s perfect?

Nostalgia is a massive antique store with zero rhyme or reason to their arrangements, departments, or merchandise. It’s an ideal hodgepodge of everything with just a sprinkle of Boston pride in case you’ve forgotten where you are (You’ll find occasional Boston Bruins stuff). It reminded me of Uncommon Objects on South Congress in Austin. While we didn’t purchase anything, we were happily lost inside for about three hours poking through everything.


All the fun warrants a meal. We went to The Duck & Bunny. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. It could’ve aired on the side of snooty, or it could’ve been a real rare find. The other guests were snooty, actually. But putting that aside, the food is 400% worth it.


The “snuggery” serves a full menu. We started with savory crepes; mine was a ham/cheese/mustard sort of situation. But like, the world’s most outstanding honey mustard. It just begged to be devoured shamelessly.


From there we moved to cupcakes. I say you can gauge how good a place’s cupcakes are by ordering a classic, which is how I’ve earned my title of “That Annoying Food Blogger Friend,” to which I say you should still get a Red Velvet at The Duck & Bunny because it will be unforgettable. The cake and the ultra-sugary icing quite literally melt in your mouth. My friend (who went Chocolate Mocha) concurs, to give you some further perspective. Because Red Velvet is simply just another cake flavor dyed red, it usually isn’t very unique, but at The Duck & Bunny it really is in a category of its own.

And while all that’s fine and dandy (That’s a new verbiage situation for me, OK sure, let’s roll with it…), the only thing that makes it even better is a buddy who will join you in intentionally and ruthlessly destroying neat leaf piles or eating for 95% of the day.  That’s one of my mine below. We’ve been friends since we were four years old. If you were wondering: yes, we are secretly the same person, and yes, it is absolutely adorable.


Many more adventures coming soon!


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