Weird Cravings

Never in my whole life have I ever craved Israeli food.

When I visited Israel, I struggled to find things that weren’t resting on top of mountains of hummus, and I found myself picking raw tomatoes out of everything. I’m actually incredibly fussy about my food, which is not a trait of mine that I’m particularly proud of (but I did think the hotel in Jerusalem that gave me food poisoning was a good enough reason to fuss…).

Enter Budapest, a city with a cafe culture and an unexplained affinity for shawarma, which sparked an unexplained need for me to relive what I had once bought three years ago in the pouring rain from a too-tiny cart in Tzfat.

Except now I’m obnoxious and have a social media problem, so I found Mazel Tov, an Instagram-worthy cafe to fulfill my shawarma dreams.

How we got there, I literally have zero idea. My friend is some sort of insane mastermind in which she can take one look at a blurry, screenshotted Google map and walk you wherever you need to go. It’s a superpower.


It was a million and ten degrees in the greenhouse-esque restaurant, so while fairy lights and funky wall decor are certainly a selling point, I started sweating immediately. Order water ASAP. Your body does eventually adjust.


My shawarma was top notch. It was packed to the gills with crunchy chicken, which was a nice surprise, and was also probably the first fully edible chicken I’d seen in days (#carbs). There was some cucumber in there as well, and it was so proportionate ingredient-wise, I even tossed with some of the raw tomatoes (I know, right?). Not to mention those crispy fries (or chips) coated in all of the sea salt your heart could ever want, which can also be purchased alone as an appetizer.


Hunger: Satisfied.

Nostalgia: Also satisfied.

Happiness: Off the charts.

Bizarre Hankering for Shawarma: Probably good… for now. It’s not as good anywhere in the US. But if this is a once every three years kind of deal, it’ll be the greatest excuse to make a trip back to Budapest.

Mazel Tov

Akacfa utca 47

Budapest 1073, Hungary

Twitter: @mazel_tov_bp


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